Roman Beneder

  • Mikrocontroller
  • Embedded Systems
  • UAV
  • Control Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence

# Roman Beneder

Roman Beneder was born 1985. After graduation at the HTL in Wien 20 (TGM (opens new window)) and attending his military service he started with the bachelor program in Electronics Engineering at the UAS Technikum Wien in 2006. Till 2007 he was working as a part-time employee at the Research Group Embedded Systems.

In November 2009 he started working as a full-time employee within the R&D Project Embedded Platforms (opens new window) funded by the MA23. In this project he was co-responsible for developing a new microcontroller platform for various courses dedicated to embedded systems software engineering he wrote different learning letters which can be used within this courses. To that end, his master’s thesis (opens new window) focused on the development of a Cortex-M3 (opens new window)-based debugger which is a key-component of the eStick2 (opens new window).

In December 2012 he joined the project FFG Innovation Cheque (opens new window) where he was co-responsible for redesigning the printed circuit board and setting up a development environment for further software development.

In May 2013 he started to work within the R&D Project Josef Ressel Center for Verification of Embedded Computing Systems (opens new window). He is co-responsible for implementing a verification unit on Embedded Linux based devices. These devices are provided by the company Loytec GmbH (opens new window) which are active on the home automation market.

In April 2015 he started to work within the public funded project OpenLab (opens new window), which goals are mainly focused on the development of low-cost, open-source, embedded measurement equipment for various courses at the UAS Technikum Wien.

In November 2018 he started to work within the industry-cooperation “Emerging Applications Lab” funded by Infineon Austria Technologies GmbH. The main focus of this industry-cooperation is the software development for unmanned aerial vehicles based on multicore microcontrollers and AIML platforms.