Embedded Systems

Roman BenederPatrick Schmitt
Embedded mikrocontroller on circuit board

# Embedded Systems

# Overview

# Contents

  • Setup and Introduction to an Embedded System Platform & Toolchain
  • Standard I/O User Application
  • Typical µC-Phrases
  • GPIO Configuration and Usage
  • Timer Configuration and Usage
  • ADC Configuration and Usage

# Outcomes

Participants of this course will learn how to

  • describe and explain the difference between an embedded system and a normal PC
  • describe and explain different commonly used µC peripherals
  • split software projects into several functions, files and folders, according to the complexity of the project
  • use code comments in a way, which helps them and others to understand their code
  • configure and use simple and common µC peripherals

# Methods & Schedule

This course is organized as an asynchronous distance learning course with a webinar at the beginning of the course. You can study the assignments in a flexible way according to your schedule. Additonally, you will get lecturer support, on demand.

Type Effort [h]
Independent 14
Practical 0
Lecture 6

# Assessment

# Methods

Type Points/Percent
Assignments 55%
Exam 45%

# Criteria

Grade Grade (letter) Scale
5 Nicht Genügend < 50 points
4 Genügend 50 to 62 points
3 Befriedigend 63 to 74 points
2 Gut 75 to 87 points
1 Sehr gut 88 to 100 points

# Requirements

# Skills

Basic knowledge of

  • Computer Architecture
  • Operating Systems
  • Programming using the C language

# Equipment

  • Laptop with Internet Browser
  • Hardware will be provided by the University of Applied Sciences Technikum and sent by mail to the virtual students.

# Enrollment

Participation is free of charge. Student of partner universities can send applications to participate in courses.


# UAS Technikum Wien

UAS Technikum Wien Main Entrance at Night

UAS Technikum Wien was founded in 1994 and is Austria’s only University of Applied Sciences focused solely on technical subjects. UAS Technikum Wien offers high-quality teaching, research, and training. As of December 2018, around 4,400 students are studying in 12 bachelor‘s and 18 master’s degree programs, and the number of graduates is about 11,000.

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# Lecturers

Roman Beneder
Portrait of Roman Beneder

# Roman Beneder

Roman Beneder was born 1985. After graduation at the HTL in Wien 20 (TGM) and attending his military service he started with the bachelor program in Electronics Engineering at the UAS Technikum Wien in 2006. Till 2007 he was working as a part-time employee at the Research Group Embedded Systems.

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Patrick Schmitt
Portrait of Patrick Schmitt

# Patrick Schmitt

Patrick Schmitt was born in 1992 in Vienna and grew up in Gänserndorf. After graduation at the TGM in Vienna 20 (a higher vocational-technical school), specializing in computer science, he started with the bachelor program in Electronics Engineering at the UAS Technikum Wien in 2011.

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