Patrick Schmitt

Department Electronic Engineering
  • Mikrocontroller
  • Embedded Systems
  • UAV
  • Control Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence

# Patrick Schmitt

Patrick Schmitt was born in 1992 in Vienna and grew up in Gänserndorf. After graduation at the TGM (opens new window) in Vienna 20 (a higher vocational-technical school), specializing in computer science, he started with the bachelor program in Electronics Engineering at the UAS Technikum Wien in 2011.

In April 2013 he started, as part of the bachelor program, an internship at Liebherr (opens new window) in Korneuburg as a full-time employee. His bachelor thesis focused on the verification of an CPLD design written in Verilog.

After finishing community service in 2014 he started with the master program in Embedded Systems. He is working as a full-time employee at the Research Group Embedded Systems since April 2015 within the public funded project OpenLab (opens new window). In 2018 he joined the project team of the Josef Ressel Center INES (opens new window).

In November 2018 he started to work within the industry-cooperation “Emerging Applications Lab” funded by Infineon Austria Technologies GmbH. The main focus of this industry cooperation is the software development for unmanned aerial vehicles based on multicore microcontrollers and AIML platforms.