# Glossary

Definition of terms, abbreviations and synonyms.

# Partner University

Any university of the StudyATHome Internationally partner network.

# Home University | Sending University

The university of a registered student who would like to enroll for a course at one of the partner universities.

# Synonyms

  • Sending Institute
  • Sending Institution
  • Home Institute
  • Home Institution

# Host University | Receiving University

The university hosting an eLearning course open for students of partner universities.

# Synonyms

  • Receiving Institute
  • Receiving Institution
  • Host Institute
  • Host Institution

# Course | Module

A set of classes in a subject at a school or university. Sometimes also referred to as module.

# Synonyms

  • Module

# Transcript of Records

A grade certificate listing all completed courses at the host university. The grade certificate is needed for recognition at the home university.

# Synonyms

  • Grade certificate

# Learning Agreement

An agreement between the student (applicant), the responsible person of the home university (program lead) and the responsible person of the host university.